We believe that good food unites people and that the best moments are those that
They enjoy sharing. That’s why, at The Bagel Hood, we merged the concept of
Fast Food with the homemade food, and we elaborate our recipes handmade
fresh products from the local market.
While most bakeries and businesses are industrialized to offer
factory products, we knead and bake the bagels every day, because
there is nothing that gives us as much pleasure as the smell of fresh bread in the morning.
All the sandwiches of our menu were thoughtfully designed to offer
balance and variety, with quality compounds like our Pastrami (the recipe is
secret, we like you to come back), the chicken marinated in garlic or our tartar sauce
special. We also have vegan and vegetarian options like the spectacular
Spinach Wonder with the option of Tofu or the popular Eggy Pop, so that nobody stays
without trying the delicious bagels we make with such dedication.
In addition, music is our great inspiring muse and is present in all
moment, from the musical ambience of the store to the creation of our
dishes, whose names pay homage to great musicians of history.
We know that, even so, so that your gastronomic experience is truly
Pleasant, good service and attention are fundamental, and that’s why we
It is proud to have a staff of professionals who are passionate about what they do and
They bring their touch of personality and affection to The Bagel Hood.

The Bagel Hood emerged as a meeting point for dreams that each of
we chased individually years ago. We are three old childhood friends
that, after endless adventures and projects, we finally gave a good opportunity to
business in the mythical neighborhood of Raval, in the center of the city of Barcelona.
The love in common for the bagels was more than enough to know which way to go.
The bagel is a very particular bread – it is boiled before baking and needs to fulfill each
step of your recipe to the letter so that it looks good- so at the beginning it was
difficult to face this great challenge, since all our experience together in
cooking and restoration was not enough to get the result we were
searching. With effort, patience and a lot of practice, the product was taking shape and
Taste … until the day came when, with great enthusiasm and joy, we opened the doors.
We invite you to come and try our bagels and draw your own conclusions,
because we love them. We will wait for you!